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New York Governor Pataki's statements are equivalent to a declaration of war.

Below are some of Governor Pataki's statements in support of Israel. Governor Pataki is certainly correct in trying to support the people in his state. Unfortunately, he is supporting some of the people in New York in such a way as to cause trouble for all the other people. Here are two quotes taken from the many on Governor Pataki's web site:   

"It becomes clearer each day that Israel is not just America's greatest political ally..."

"Israel has always been and must always be America's strongest ally."

Map of Israel

Israel is about 1/500 of the size of the United States. The entire population is less than 6 million, and only about 4.8 million of those are Jews. Israel was established in 1948; before then the land was inhabited by Arabs.

Perspective:   Although Governor Pataki has used extremely bad judgement in some of his statements and actions considered below, there does not seem to be information that would indicate he is a bad governor in other ways.

Governor Pataki's statements seem to create a connection between the Jewish religion and the government of the United States. Linking the government to a religion is illegal in the United States.

Supporting another country in war does not seem to be a case of a defect unique to the Jewish culture. Irish-Americans have donated money to support the fighting in Ireland.

Many people in the U.S. believe that Jewish people are non-violent. They believe that people are violent toward the Jews, but that the Jews are never violent in return. This is partly because of a strong publicity campaign that mentions the killing of Jews by the Nazis during the second world war, which the Jews call the holocaust.

While it is true that most Jews are not violent, there is a major amount of support for violence among Jews. For example, see the JDL, Jewish Defense League. The raised fist used as a symbol of the group certainly gives the impression of people willing to be violent. The Chairman of the JDL was recently arrested in connection with an alleged attempt to bomb a Muslim place of worship, a mosque, in southern California. See the December 13, 2001 CBS News story, No Bail For Bomb Plot Suspects [cbsnews.com].

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL), has provided an article, Backgrounder:The Jewish Defense League [adl.org], that seems to be a reasonable explanation of the JDL.

Arab views should be considered.   Below are some quotes from a March 10, 2001 lecture about the Taliban in Afghanistan. To make the excerpts below easy to read, there are corrections to typographical errors and punctuation, and division into paragraphs, that are not on the web site. Anyone wanting to examine the original can visit the web site. The speaker is speaking informally, and, as is normal in informal speaking, his speech is far from perfect. Probably English is a second language for the author. To make the excerpts clearer, some words have been left out; these are indicated by the series of three dots called ellipsis (...).

So we don't know as to what is the definition of terrorism. ... But if they [attacks on the U.S.S. Cole and others] are terrorist acts, what is the difference between those terrorist acts and ... cruise missile attacks on Afghanistan? Neither of the two were declared and both of them killed civilians. So we are confused as to what is the definition of terrorism. If it means killing civilians blindly, both of them killed civilians blindly.

The United States government tried to kill a man without even giving him a fair trial. In 1998, they just sent cruise missiles into Afghanistan and they announced that they were trying to kill Osama bin Laden. We didn't know Osama bin Laden then. I didn't know him; he was just a simple man.

So we were all shocked. I was one of those men who was sitting at home at night, I was called for an immediate council meeting and we all were told the United States have attacked Afghanistan. With 75 cruise missiles and trying to kill one man. And they missed that man; killed 19 other students and never apologized for those killings.

So what would you do if you were in our status; if we were to go and send 75 cruise missiles into the United States and say that we were going to kill a man that we thought not believed that we thought was responsible for our embassy, and we missed that man, and we killed 19 other Americans what would the United States do? An instant declaration of war. But were polite. We didn't declare war.

... since then, we are very open-minded on this issue. We have said, that if really this man is involved in the Kenya/Tanzania acts, if anybody can give us proof or evidence about his involvement in these horrific acts, we will punish him. Nobody gave us evidence. We put him on trial for 45 days and nobody gave us any kind of evidence. The fact is that the United States told us they did not believe in our judicial system. We were surprised as to what kind of judicial system they have. They showed us as to what they are doing to the people they just tried to kill a man without even giving him a fair trial ...

... I personally think now that maybe the United States is looking for a Boogy Man... Remember what Gorbachev said? He said, that he's going to do the worst thing ever to the United States. And everybody thought that he's going to blow [up] the United States with nuclear weapon[s]. But he said, "I'm going to remove their enemy"... And he was right. After he fragmented [the] Soviet Union, a lot of people lost their jobs in the Pentagon, in the CIA, and the FBI, because they were not needed anymore. So we think that maybe these guys are looking for a Boogy Man now. Maybe they want to justify their annual budget, maybe they want to make their citizens feel that they are still needed to defend them.

Until the last few years, it was very difficult to get information in English about the Arab and Muslim cultures. Now that Internet use is much more common, there are useful resources such as the Arab World News [arabworldnews.com].

The Hadith are stories of what Mohammad did and said when he was alive. They are a good place to begin to understand some of the thought and culture then. (Mohammad lived from year 570 to 630.) Collections of Hadith are available online [usc.edu] at the University of Southern California (USC) Muslim Students Association web site. Note that ancient writing that is considered to be religious guidance can also be good guidance about non-religious issues, such as the manner in which people lived. It seems reasonable to say that it is not easy for someone who was raised in a non-Islamic culture to read the Koran, the most important writing of the Islamic religion. The Hadith are much easier to understand.

More Perspective:   Readers of this book are asked to keep in mind that the author is a social theorist. He studies how people think and live. Nothing in this book is intended to say anything about religion. If something in this book seems to take a position about religion, it is invalid and should be ignored.

The author of this book has studied social theory for more than 20 years. It is possible you may find what he writes a good resource to aid you in your own thinking. His writing is not meant to be direct advice, but must be filtered through your own experience.

Notice that Governor Pataki has been favoring one country a long time. Notice that the links below are 100% authoritative; they are located at the official state government web site. It is not as though Governor Pataki has been doing nothing else; The entire web site is 8,685 pages. The issue is that, by favoring one side of a hostile conflict, Governor Pataki is involving all U.S. citizens, not just those in the state of New York, in a war they do not understand, and over which they have no control.

Keep in mind that there are fewer than 14 million Jews in the entire world [us-israel.org]. According the statistics from this web site, in all the world, there are only an estimated 3,619,000 Jews outside of the U.S. and Israel. About 6,061,000 Jews live in the United States [us-israel.org], more than in Israel. This is about 2.2% of the total U.S. population.

There are about one billion Muslims in the world. See InfoPlease for the population of the world by religion [infoplease.com]. (Note that the figures usually do not agree exactly because of different methods of counting, and because the information was collected in different years. The small differences have no impact on the ideas presented here.)

About 5.0 to 5.2 million Muslims [islam101.com] live in the United States.

The Jews say that they are the chosen people of God. They say that God gave them Israel. They quote their ancient books in support of their violence: "For Zion's sake will I not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest ..." from Isaiah 62:1 [htmlbible.com]

Here are more statistics: Population of Israel by ethnic background [cbs.gov.il]. Note that this web site is in Israel, is a Israel government web site, and is not related to the U.S. news agency CBS.] These sites show the World Jewish Population, 2000 [huji.ac.il] and the Arab American population [aaiusa.org]

Governor Pataki provides no support for Arabs in his state.   Consider these quotes from Governor Pataki's website again:

"It becomes clearer each day that Israel is not just America's greatest political ally..."

"Israel has always been and must always be America's strongest ally."

A computer search done on January 15, 2002, which can be expected to be 100% accurate, shows that the word p"Palestine" did not occur even once in 8,685 pages on the Governor's web site. (Note that this search does not include press releases posted after the search date.)

The word "Arab" appears only one time in a document that lists the appointment of a woman to an unpaid job, Governor Pataki Nominates Aminy Audi As Suny Trustee. The word "Arab" appears only because she belongs to an organization called the "National Organization of Arab-American Women".

The word "Islam" does not appear even once. The word "Islamic" appears only in a press release about the governor's help for a Jewish synagogue: Governor: Armory To House Congregation Of Central Synagogue. A building is said to be "a striking edifice in the style of a Moorish-Islamic revival".

An estimated 342,000 people of Arab descent live in New York state [PDF file download, 32, 689 bytes, aaiusa.org]. An estimated 1,651,000 Jews live in New York state [us-israel.org].

The quotes below are taken from Governor Pitaki's press releases [state.ny.us] located at the official web site of the governor.

Items in italic below are quotes from Governor Pitaki's press releases [state.ny.us] located at the official web site of the governor. The quotes were copied on January 15, 2002, when this research was done.
Comments by the author of this book are in the normal font.

The Governor shows sympathy for soldiers in one side of a war.

Statement by Governor Pataki [February 4, 1997]:

... deepest condolences to the families of the members of the Israel Defense Forces...

Here the governor is showing sympathy for one side in a war.

Israel is a nation at war. It is common that people use words to hide this fact, but the "hostilities" are in fact a long-term war, with no end in sight. The fundamental causes of the war are getting worse, not better.

Statements like that quoted above are often seen by Arabs as an indication that the entire nation of the United States is choosing to fight a war against the Arabs. Although no American soldiers fight in this war, every year American taxpayers provide billions of dollars of free weapons to Israel. These weapons are used for the sole purpose of killing Arabs.

Arabs often see U.S. participation in the Israeli war as evidence that the United States is the enemy of Arabs.

Governor Pataki Allocates $2 Million for Holocaust Museum [August 5, 1997]:

Governor George E. Pataki today announced New York State will provide $2 million for operating expenses for New York's Holocaust Museum, located in Battery Park City. This is in addition to $10 million dollars in capital expense, which the Governor has maintained in his last two budgets.

The Governor also authorized funding in the amount of $550,000 to operate and administer the Holocaust Claims Processing Office and allocated $100,000 in funding for the Center for Jewish History

Note the misleading words in the following quote:

"This provision in the State budget of $2 million from the Governor's discretionary funds..."

The money is not the Governor's. It is taxpayer money which can be used based on a decision of the governor. This money was collected from all the people, not just the Jews. The governor is making the people of New York support a religion that is, statistically, probably not their religion.

This announcement involving the museum comes on the heels of the Governor's establishment of the Holocaust Claims Processing Office.

We are proud that Governor Pataki has recognized the importance of our institution, which we believe will become the Smithsonian/Library of Congress for the Jewish people in America housing 100 million archival documents and a library in excess of half million volumes, thereby becoming the largest repository of Jewish history outside Israel.

It is interesting to note that "100 million archival documents" is 7 documents for every one of the 14 million Jewish men, women, and children who presently live in the world.

"Israel has always been and must always be America's strongest ally."

Governor To Lead Economic Mission As Israel Marks 50th Year [April 23, 1998]:

"Israel is symbol of courage, determination and the indomitable human spirit for freedom-loving people here in America and around the world", Governor Pataki said. "A nation that emerged from the ashes of the Holocaust, Israel has always been and must always be America's strongest ally."

While in Israel, the Governor will visit Yad Vashem, Israel's official Holocaust Memorial.

The following sentence includes some of the subtle verbal intimidation that is a characteristic of the way Jews act among themselves. The implication is that, if you don't support Israel, you are not freedom-loving. However, there are many reasonable people who feel negatively about the numerous crimes committed by the Israeli government.

"Israel is a symbol of courage, determination and the indomitable human spirit for freedom-loving people here in America and around the world", Governor Pataki said.

"... Israel has always been and must always be America's strongest ally."

The word "ally" is used here to mean a nation fighting a common foe.

Governor Pataki, Senator D'Amato: $31.4 Million From Swiss Humanitarian Fund To Be Distributed To U.S. Holocaust Survivors [August 17, 1998]

"Governor Pataki directed the Banking Department to establish the Holocaust Claims Processing Office last year..."

Since opening last September, the Holocaust Claims Processing Office has received 3,400 inquiries, resulting in 1,800 claims, 1,100 of which pertain to Swiss banks, 700 of which pertain to European insurance companies.

"... chronicle the greatness of Jewish Europe..."

Governor Announces $200,000 To The Center For Jewish History [August 20, 1998]:

Governor George E. Pataki today announced he has signed into law legislation that will ensure the Center for Jewish History, an academic and public research facility scheduled to open next year, will receive $200,000 annually to maintain their library and archival collections, increasing public access to the study of Jewish history.

"The Center for Jewish History will chronicle the greatness of Jewish Europe and the Yiddish-speaking world, ... said Governor Pataki."

"I'm proud to be part of the making of the largest Jewish resource center outside of Israel," the Governor said.

"... Israel is not just America's greatest political ally..."

Governor Appoints Members To New York - Israel Cultural Cooperation Commission [April 5, 1999]:

Board empowered to establish cultural ties between Empire State and the Holy Land

The Commission was established as a result of a Memorandum of Intent which was signed by the Governor and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as part of the Governor's New York State Trade Mission to Israel in May 1998.

"It becomes clearer each day that Israel is not just America's greatest political ally..."

"... formulate strategies to strengthen the ties..."

Governor Appoints Members To New York - Israel Cultural Cooperation Commission [April 26, 1999]:

"I am confident that this eclectic group of individuals will formulate strategies to strengthen the ties between New York State and the State of Israel."

"... demonstrate our strong support for Israel..."

Libby Pataki, Speaker Silver To Take Solidarity Mission To Israel [January 5, 2001]:

Libby Pataki is the Governor's wife. She is quoted as saying:

"Now more than ever, New Yorkers must demonstrate our strong support for Israel as it copes with some of the worst violence in its brief 52-year history. New Yorkers of goodwill have come to understand the unique relationship New York shares with Israel."

The implication is that, someone who does not support Israel in the way she and the governor do is not a person of goodwill.

"The Governor was joined by Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert
to reiterate his support for
a united and undivided Jerusalem as Israel's one true capital."

Governor Calls For Relocation Of U.S. Embassy To Jerusalem May 2, 2001:

Governor George E. Pataki today issued a letter to President George W. Bush calling on the State Department to expedite the move of the United States embassy to Jerusalem. The Governor was joined by Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert to reiterate his support for a united and undivided Jerusalem as Israel's one true capital.

There is no mention here that Jerusalem is claimed as an important city by other people than the Jews. There is no mention here that saying "Jerusalem as Israel's one true capital" is equivalent in the minds of many people to a declaration of war.

Also, the only claim that the Jewish people have on Jerusalem comes from a book they themselves wrote, and which they themselves call a religious book. This statement ties part of the U.S. government to a religion, and is an illegal act by the governor, because it is against a provision of the U.S. constitution.

"... a joint venture between
the State of New York and the State of Israel
for the purpose of fostering and promoting
cultural exchange in both states."

Governor Pataki, Israeli President Katzav Unveil Mural In Harlem [June 1, 2001]:

The mural, which stands over 70 feet tall and depicts a "Tree of Life", was funded through the Governor's New York-Israel Cultural Cooperation Commission, a joint venture between the State of New York and the State of Israel for the purpose of fostering and promoting cultural exchange in both states.

Note that the sentence is written, "the State of New York and the State of Israel". It is as though New York is a political body equivalent to the State of Israel. This may provide considerable insight into the thinking. Israel's government considers that it does not necessarily need to care for anyone but the Jews who live there. Making a statement that the state of New York is a comparable political body may carry the meaning that the government of New York should allow itself to be distracted from its responsibility to consider the needs and desires of non-Jewish residents.

"... I would like to thank Governor Pataki for his staunch support of Israel..."

Governor Pataki Announces Solidarity Mission To Israel [June 9, 2001]:

"The State of Israel needs our support and encouragement in the wake of the brutal and cowardly terrorist attacks on innocent civilians that have recently taken place", Governor Pataki said... "New Yorkers intend to send a strong message to the Israeli people that we have not forgotten them and that we stand ready to support them in their hour of need."

There is no mention in any of New York Governor Pitaki's statements that Israel is actively killing Arabs, also.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said, "On behalf of the people of Israel and the government of Israel, I would like to thank Governor Pataki for his staunch support of Israel in its quest to restore stability, security and peace in the region. I am looking forward to the Governor's upcoming visit to Israel."

Note the quote above, "in its quest to restore stability, security and peace in the region". The establishment of the country of Israel on land already occupied by Arabs is the primary reason for the lack of stability, security, and peace in the region.

On May 2nd, the Governor hosted the Mayor of Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert, in his office and once again expressed his support for Jerusalem and Israel.

On that same day, the Governor wrote a letter to President Bush requesting that the United States Embassy be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Israel has the unfortunate distinction as being the only foreign country not to have our nation's embassy located in its capital.

"While I'm looking forward to my upcoming trip at the end of the Legislative Session, I would encourage all friends of Israel to consider making a similar visit right now," Governor Pataki said. "It is important for all of us to send a loud and clear message that we stand together in solidarity with the State of Israel."

"America now more than ever must stand by Israel..."

Statement By Governor Pataki On Terrorist Bombing In Israel [August 9, 2001]:

"America now more than ever must stand by Israel to help ensure the safety of its citizens."

Note again that there is no mention of the fact that Israel is actively killing Arabs.

This is the end of the quotes from New York Governor Pataki's web site.

Also see this letter from the Governor's office [rb.org.il].

Researchers who want to have this information available should save it to their own computers, because the information could be removed from the Governor's web site at any time.

Possibly Jewish members of the governor's office prepared some of the quoted material. Possibly Governor Pataki is not completely aware of how he appears.

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